Road to Success

a story of relentless innovation, strategic growth and commitment to quality.

Over the past few years, One Trading Ltd. has evolved from a small team selling convenience supplies to an international company with three subsidiaries. Today, we boast the largest network in Canada, offering a comprehensive distribution solution forsmoking and vaping accessories, encompassing sales and distribution. As a trusted partner known for bringing premium products to market, we have a remarkable track record of success, innovation, and industry excellence. It all began with a groundbreaking concept in the Canadian prairie region.


What Sets Us Apart

a uniquely integrated platform.

• We offer the most extensive range of products and accessories to legal dispensaries, headshops and smoke shops of all sizes.

• We work with over 100 leading industry brands and offer more than 10,000 smoking and vaping accessories.


Our mission is to become the Canadian leader in the distribution of smoking and vaping related products. This includes delivering exceptional customer service and educating customers on our evolving industry to provide the best smoking experiences and be the first choice for our customers.


Leveraging decades of Canadian smoking and vaping industry experience, we are committed to being a leading partner and brand representative by offering a comprehensive portfolio of leading brands and products to headshops, smoke shops, dispensaries, and consumers.

Why One Trading Ltd.

the keys to our long term success in online headshop industry.

Our complementary verticals offer consumers end-to-end consumables access and provide vendors with a turnkey solution for distribution into wholesale and retail channels.

Executional Track Record

We have over twenty years of collective leadership experience at the cutting edge of online headshop industry.

Multichannel Approach

By leveraging our multiple sales and distribution channels, including wholesale, retail and e-commerce backend fulfillment, our networks will drive customer demand and increase sales.

Top Canadian Distribution Platform

With 20 year of history, we are the leading platform for distributing premium accessories across Canada.